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Church Blessing
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St. Mary's is a supportive Catholic learning community that encourages and challenges individuals to reach their full potential.


St. Mary’s school strives to:

  • Teach and promote Catholic faith, tradition, and model the teachings of Jesus.

  • Be welcoming, safe and inclusive.

  • Nurture partnerships between families, school, parish and the community.

  • Encourage action for social justice and hope for the future.

  • Provide an engaging and challenging learning environment that encourages excellence and life long learning.

  • Educate the whole child spiritually, physically, socially and academically.


We aim to have students leave St. Mary's with the capacity to be:

  • Accepting, compassionate, caring and able to show empathy.

  • Resilient, confident, independent and to have self-belief.

  • Open to faith and to value human dignity.

  • Literate, numerate, and physically and socially capable.

  • Positive, passionate, enthusiastic and persistent.

  • Creative, critical thinkers, inquisitive and problem solvers.

  • Global citizens, environmentally aware, socially just and respectful.

  • Happy, well balanced and aware of personal wellbeing.



We offer you today our prayers, thoughts, words and actions, that they may be for your glory, the good of St Mary's and for the good of the world. Amen


'Catholic Schools are focused on educating the whole person so that the total educational experience offered has the potential to inform, form and transform students.' (Source of Life Core Document, 2005) 


Being a Catholic school, Religious Education is a key teaching and learning domain at St Mary's. We promote the Christian message throughout our days here at St. Mary’s and through specific Religious Education lessons we help form our spiritual base and our knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and Church.   We are part of St. Mary’s Parish and a parish school, therefore we involve the students and families in regular liturgies and involvements with the Parish as often as we can.   Through engagement with Caritas and other Non Government Organizations (NGOs) we raise awareness of local and global issues and fundraise to support others.  

The Source of Life Core Document is the framework we use to plan, teach, assess and evaluate against in the delivery of Religious Education.

This is a rich document which aims to develop intelligent and informed human interaction, based on the Jesus story. In and through this Religious Education Curriculum, we are both formed and informed to rigorous teaching and learning outcomes.

We pray daily and at 11:30 each day the whole school stops to engage in Christian Meditation.  We do this to give everyone time to slow down and breathe deep.  We meditate to calm our minds.



The St. Mary’s Primary School Myrtleford School Board is an elected parent leadership body that is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the school. In support of the Vision and Mission of St. Mary’s school community, the areas of focus for the Board within the School are strategic planning and policy development.



All parents and guardians with children enrolled at either or both schools, and members of St. Mary’s Parish Myrtleford, are considered members. The Marian College/St Mary’s Primary School Parent's Association is a parent leadership group, with the objectives to:

  • Promote family and community life at the schools.

  • Financially support the schools through fundraising.

  • Support the Principals, staff and the School Boards of the schools in the performance of their duties.

  • Provide support and assistance to families attending the schools.


One of the operational aspects of the Marian College/St. Mary’s Parent's Association is the Phone Tree. The Phone Tree serves two main purposes:

  1. To assist the St. Mary’s Parish Events Committee when a funeral and other catering is booked.

  2. To support St. Mary’s Primary School and Marian College and their families pastorally, including during times of need, sickness, injury or death.


The benefits of the Phone Tree have been:

  • Support for local community members, through catering for funerals;

  • Increased links between the Parish and the schools;

  • A fundraising opportunity for the Parish and the Parent's Association, with the profits being split 50/50.

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