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Our Junior Learning Community (JLC) areas came from collaboration with the staff, architects and builders.  Through research, and visits to other schools, we as a staff formed our beliefs about teaching and the way children learn best.

We wanted spaces that enabled a variety of teaching and learning styles and experiences, and it was important that they be open, adaptable, and changeable, to meet the learning needs of our children.

The JLC1 building can be a large open space or it can be modified, with the use of curtains, to create smaller learning spaces. There is an enclosed reading hub, as well as a stage and performing area that gives the children the chance to put on plays and puppet shows, in addition to giving us a place for dramatic play.

The kitchen area in JLC1 opens out to the verandah and landscaped garden area, and has enabled a variety of both artistic and cookery experiences.

The adjoining ‘viewing’ room is another large room with a tiered floor where we can gather together to watch presentations, or have our own mini JLC assemblies.

The children particularly enjoy the JLC1 landscaped outdoor area, and in addition to having a garden, we have been able to use this area for water play, sand play and dramatic play. The creek with running water and a bridge is a definite favourite.

The JLC2 building can be used as a large open space, or part can be closed off with glass doors to make a quieter more personalised learning space at one end. We also have two smaller withdrawal areas for focussed group work or quiet activities. The JLC2 has its own kitchen and both JLC1 & JLC2 kitchens are available to the rest of the school as the need arises.  Our two JLC buildings are close to each other, with a covered walking area, so transitioning between them is easy.

The learning areas in the JLC1 & JLC2 buildings easily and comfortably lend themselves to different forms of teaching, such as one-on-one withdrawal, small group teaching, whole class and even whole unit activities.

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