With extensive outdoor spaces, the students at St. Mary's have ample room to move, play and learn in. The students are fortunate to have multiple play areas, including an undercover basketball court, football oval and soccer pitch, as well an activity playground with a climbing wall, passive play spaces and large asphalted areas.

The Junior Learning Community also has a specially designed outdoor learning space, only accessible for the Foundation - Year Two students. This includes water trough, vegetable garden, flower beds, sandpit, water tank and mini water stream.


In 2018 the Physical Education & Sports Review Team published the St Mary's Myrtleford School Sports Program. This program outlines the schools commitment to and process for student engagement, achievement and excellence in physical education.


This document can be accessed via the following link: https://goo.gl/Z55C81


Students at St Mary’s are engaged in at least two hours of Physical Education per week. This usually occurs in a one-hour Bluearth session, and a one-hour sport focussed session. Physical education lessons focus on students enhancing their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation in a variety of situations. Our programs offer students an experience that is contemporary, relevant, challenging, enjoyable and physically active.


For many years, St Mary’s has supported students who excel in all a broad range of sports. We offer these students the opportunity to compete at the Ovens and Mitta Zone sports in a variety of disciplines, including athletics, cross-country running, basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis and cricket.


Each year, St Mary’s participates in the Interschool Sports program. This program is for students from Years Four - Six. Together with surrounding schools from the Ovens Valley, students attend the McNamara Reserve in Myrtleford to play umpired games of football and netball. Although this program is open to students of all abilities, it is designed to target students who have not previously participated in organised games of football or netball before.


The Myrtleford Alpine Race Team (MART) is a school based ski and snowboard program for families looking to enhance their skiing and snowboarding skills. This program is comprised of the three Myrtleford schools: St Mary’s Primary School, Marian College and the Myrtleford P-12 College. It is an eight-day program that runs over 6 weeks, and offers excellent value for money.

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