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Our Senior Learning Community (SLC) is a vibrant and friendly environment where the high expectations of each student, and each teacher, encourages everyone to improve and reach their potential.
Our open plan learning space offers flexibility for learning and teaching to occur.

Students in the SLC are divided into two ‘homegroups’, where children gather each morning. At times students will work in these homegroups, however they are regularly regrouped depending on the purpose of the lesson, the needs of the students and the expertise of the teachers across the different areas of the curriculum. These groups range in size from the whole SLC, to groups of about twenty, down to small groups of three or four. Due to the shared learning space layout, these different sized groupings can be operating simultaneously. Students have the opportunity to engage in explicitly led classes conducted by each of the SLC teachers. This enables students to experience different teaching styles and expertise, have greater avenues of exposure to content, the ability to seek assistance from more than one teacher and to also make for a smoother transition into secondary school - where students will work with several different teachers on a daily basis.

The SLC works as one collaborative learning community, where we value learning and recognise the benefits of learning together and from each other. The teachers work as a team, continuously evaluating and discussing their practice and seeking ways to improve outcomes for every student.

Students also have opportunities to, and are encouraged to work collaboratively and learn from each other. This can be by collaborating online through Google docs with other students, or by discussing and solving problems in more traditional methods, such as pen and paper.

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