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St Mary's Primary School is committed to students experiencing a sense of inclusion that is respectful of their giftedness, abilities, cultures and contexts. Our students experience learning and teaching in a child safe environment that is engaging and liberating.

St Mary's Primary School acknowledges the Minjambuta people as the traditional custodians of the land on which our school is situated. We recognise the continuing connection of the people of the Dhudhuroa and Waywurru Nations to land, water and community. This land we share is sacred, this land is a gift, this land is thousands of years old.

Assembly is held every Monday afternoon at 2:30. Parents are warmly welcome to attend. Each assembly is led by our Year 5 and 6 student leaders. Each assembly begins with the Acknowledgement of Country, followed by our promise to keep Nano Nagle’s motto, In Deeds, Not Words prominent in our school.

During each assembly, time is taken to discover the Word of the previous Sunday’s Gospel, attempting to provide the message relevant to our children’s world and their development. Each class teacher takes the opportunity to acknowledge students who have led by example and for upholding the school values by presenting these students with a certificate clearly indicating the child’s strengths and growth. Parents of students receiving an award will be contacted so that they can share in the celebration with their children. Birthdays are celebrated through song and certificates.

Positive Behaviour is celebrated through the collection of good behaviour tokens gathered during recess times during the week. Points are calculated and the class with the most positive behaviour tokens wins the trophy for the week. All points from each class are added to the grand total, working toward the nominated number of points in order to gain a reward for the respectful and positive behaviours exhibited throughout the school.

Any school-wide messages are delivered to the school at this time.

Assembly ends with our school prayer.

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Term Dates
Term 1: 31 Jan - 28 Mar
Term 2: 15 Apr - 28 Jun
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