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St Mary's Primary School is committed to students experiencing a sense of inclusion that is respectful of their giftedness, abilities, cultures and contexts. Our students experience learning and teaching in a child safe environment that is engaging and liberating.

St Mary's Primary School acknowledges the Minjambuta people as the traditional custodians of the land on which our school is situated. We recognise the continuing connection of the people of the Dhudhuroa and Waywurru Nations to land, water and community. This land we share is sacred, this land is a gift, this land is thousands of years old.

Junior Learning Community

Learning Experiences Through Investigation (L.E.T.I)
Inquiry learning in the JLC happens through our L.E.T.I. - Learning Experiences Through Investigations - program. Our L.E.T.I. program combines play-based experiences, discovery learning and investigations.

Children are guided and supported to explore a variety of areas from the Victorian Curriculum with a focus on Science, Geography, History, and Technology.

We have dedicated L.E.T.I. time where students from Foundation through to Year Two work and interact together. Children are encouraged to be active participants during these student-centred learning experiences.

Middle Learning Community

Within the areas of science, geography and history, students undertake a line of inquiry. Students are guided to find and sort information and guided in generating their own questions in inquiry. The new knowledge gained through the process is shared through a range of activities, workshops, matrix and rubric projects.

Senior Learning Community

Learning is approached through an inquiry mindset, as this encourages children to first draw upon their existing knowledge. It requires them to ask questions and wonder, research and discover for themselves, make connections and learn, and then wonder some more. The intention is to develop a love for life-long learning within each child.

Where possible the curriculum areas are integrated providing children with the opportunity to make stronger links and develop a greater understanding of how their learning connects and relates to their own life.

In the SLC students are regularly provided with a ‘matrix’ of activities based on curriculum areas. This matrix allows students to choose activities that they are interested in and present their understanding using a variety of format types such as slideshows, posters, dioramas and models, encouraging creativity and the use of technology.

At various times, children can choose where to work within the learning space and how to work - either individually or in a group. This provides valuable experience for students as they learn what works best for them and how to be responsible for their own learning. An emphasis is placed on the importance of time management and producing quality work, as well as students setting goals and reflecting on how well they achieved their goals.

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